"We've turned initial orders into ongoing relationships"

OMS Engineering has been providing services to the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, defence, aerospace and medical sectors for more than 10 years. Since relocating in 2014 to bespoke premises on the M11 corridor between London and Cambridge, the company has invested heavily in plant and infrastructure.

In order to increase their existing customer base, OMS joined Qimtek’s membership in 2017 and to date, has secured orders from seven new companies - four of whom have gone on to provide repeat work, directly.

“Qimtek’s membership provides us with a stream of enquiries, which ultimately allows us to pick and choose enquires we can and want to quote on,” said Samantha Bush, Engineering Manager at OMS Engineering.

She continued; “We have been able to turn these initial orders into ongoing relationships. We have visited customers and customers have visited us. If you deliver their job correctly and on time, it’s onwards and upwards from there, and for that reason, I would recommend Qimtek to others.”

October 2018