Qimtek Village at the Engineering Supply Chain Show in April 2022

We will be exhibiting at the Engineering Supply Chain Show in April alongside several Qimtek members and introducing them to new buyers visiting our stand.
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Engineering Supply Chain Show

Organised by The Manufacturing Technologies Association and being hosted at the NEC in April 2022, this show-within-a-show is part of the MACH exhibition but sits as a separate 3-day event. Running from 5-7th April 2022, The Engineering Supply Chain Show will have its own location and entrance in Hall 7 – directly alongside MACH. Sponsored by Lloyds Bank and the Engineering Industries Association (EIA), this new exhibition has grown out of increased demand for the successful UK Supply Chain Zone at MACH. This focused event is dedicated to buyers looking to source precision sub-contracting products and services from UK-based suppliers, helping to reduce goods miles as part of the UK’s commitment to greener manufacturing.
The Qimtek Village!

If you are thinking of exhibiting and you are a Qimtek member then you should consider joining us on our Supplier Village to receive additional benefits which will lead to more wins! Get in touch with us if you are interested. If you are in contact with the event organisers and would like to be considered for a space on the village please mention it to them and they will put you in touch with us.  


We will promote you to buyers pre-show inviting them to visit your stand.


We will be inviting all of our registered buyers to come to the show as VIPs.


We will bring the buyers we meet who are looking for your services over to your stand.


We will promote you with in-show social media marketing support.


We can introduce you to the EIA who can organise a discount for your stand.


We will provide you with scans from the buyers visiting our stand.

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Stand Pricing

We have 6 stands available on a first come first serve basis and happy to try to hold it for a week or two whilst you make an internal decision. The floor is priced at £395 per square meter. If you are ready to go ahead I can introduce you to the right event organiser to get you set up. You will find the prices below:

  1. 4x3 m2 = 12m at £395 = £4,740
  2. 5x3 m2 = 15m at £395 = £5,925
  3. 4x3 m2 = 12m at £395 = £4,740
  4. 5x3 m2 = 15m at £395 = £5,925
  5. 4x3 m2 = 12m at £395 = £4,740
  6. 4x3 m2 = 12m at £395 = £4,740
Qimtek Village

Current Bookings & Reservations

We have the potential to expand the village. If you are interested and ready to book please get in contact and we can either check with a client thats reserved or open up a new space. 

  • Stand 1 (7-47): Contracts Engineering
  • Stand 1 (7-46): Available
  • Stand 1 (7-45): Available
  • Stand 1 (7-624): Qimtek
  • Stand 1 (7-620): Available
  • Stand 1 (7-625): Available
  • Stand 1 (7-621): Available
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EIA Members Receive A Discount

The Engineering Industries Association is an organisation with over 80 years’ experience in promoting trade and representing the interests and aspirations of the UK engineering manufacturing sector, particularly SME's.

If you are not already a member of the Engineering Industries Association, you can join and receive a discount off of your stand.  Check out their website below and if you make contact please mention you are also a Qimtek Member.