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Medical parts come from US to UK

23 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

A German-based medical OEM which had been getting a family of aluminium parts machined in the US has now placed them with Suffolk based CTPE.

The company was an existing customer of CTPE, wanted a single source of supply and was confident of the Suffolk subcontractor's capabilities.

Chris and Alex Taylor who run the business decided to invest in a new Brother 30-taper S700X1 3-axis machining centre with a 2-axis Nikken table as the best way to meet the customer’s requirements.

New 'Jumbo’ laser for Kloeckner

23 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Kloeckner Metals UK is set to grow its laser tube processing capacity with the addition of a  new Adige LT14 ‘Jumbo’  laser to its already extensive laser cutting portfolio.   

This new equipment is the latest generation of large diameter tube laser and will allow Kloeckner Metals UK to be one of the few businesses in this country capable of processing parts up to 355mm in diameter and weight up to 100kg/m.

 In addition to processing Hollow section tubes, it can also process large beams, columns, split tees, angles and channels. 

Engineering brings Early Man to life

23 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Precision British engineering helped animation studio Aardman get the shots it needed for its latest movie, Early Man.

With cameras constantly getting smaller, Aardman- the four times Academy Award winning creators of films such as Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep Movie and Chicken Run - needed to add to its range of pan/tilt heads. The heads are used to rigidly mount a camera to allow rotation in a horizontal and vertical plane.

Maintaining accuracy for 40 years

23 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Derby aerospace company, Rotadata, which has worked on the NASA space programme, is celebrating 40 years in business this month.

Rotadata tests and measures pressure, strain and temperature in the most challenging environments for parts which will go into power production in gas turbines and tests and measures for flight application for the aerospace industry.

Clients range include Rolls Royce and General Electric in the UK, USA and Europe. It worked on the USA space programme in the 1980s.

More high volume press capacity

23 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Stroud Metal Co has invested in a new Chin Fong OCP-110EL press that will boost its capacity for high volume progression presswork.

Traditionally known for deep drawn components, Stroud Metal Co has seen healthy growth in both high volume deep drawn metal pressing enquiries and traditional progressive die metal stampings. Consequently it has now taken the opportunity to increase machine capacity to support the new business won and attract more high volume progressive die component manufacture.