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Cutting it for Astley Diamond

09 May 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Low frequency vibration machining technology has allowed Astley Diamond to offer a new small part turn-milling subcontract service.

The small two people business based in Witton, Birmingham took the plunge and made a significant investment in Citizen’s Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) turn-mill technology and within just three months of installation has opened a new operational door by using this sliding head machining platform to provide a subcontract.

Not just any old iron

09 May 2018 by Engineering Capacity

A new landmark for Cradley Heath is being created through a partnership between Halesowen College and A Perry & Co (Hinges) Ltd, which makes hinges, hardware, ironmongery, chain and threaded bar.

The independent, family owned company, which has been based in the West Midlands for the past 93 years, has offered the opportunity of designing a representative sculpture of its business to second year students at Halesowen College, supporting them in achieving their final diploma assignment.

Why would you make your own PCBs?

09 May 2018 by Engineering Capacity

As every manufacturer, regardless of size or sector, faces increasing demands on both time and budget they need to find smarter ways of developing and delivering their end products. So why would you make your own PCBs, asks Newbury Electronics

Smart engineering processes and solutions that are connected and allow us to harness the power of the Internet are not always the panacea they may at first seem. Sometimes simply taking a shrewder approach to your procurement may deliver equally, but hitherto, unseen valuable benefits.

Handing over the baton at T & O

09 May 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Turnell and Odell managing director Clive Odell is stepping down after 30 years and is succeeded by Kevin Rees, who was previously production director.

Mr Odell has played an integral part in the company's development, seeing the company move to new premises and invest heavily into the latest state-of-the-art CNC machine tools.

Mechatronics: a holistic approach

02 May 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Phil Simmonds of EC Electronics says that when designing new mechanical products a holistic approach is the best option.

When electronics and mechanics meet we get mechatronics. A great example of this is your car – electronics drive the mechanics within most modern vehicles. Similarly, robots are clearly mechatronic systems; microcontrollers and PCBs control their mechanical functionality.