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Injection Moulding Machine

The first step in the injection moulding process is to manufacture a mould tool. This is a precision machined part (or assembly of parts) that contains the cavity - or cavities - the same shape as the finished part. The mould tool is unique for every component, but can be used many times. Tooling costs are usually quite high; therefore, economies of scale dictate that injection moulded parts are required in high quantities.

A mould tool is clamped into an injection moulding machine. At the other end of the machine, plastic granules are fed into a heated cylinder and a reciprocating screw therein moves the plastic, which melts into the mould under pressure. When the plastic hardens, the clamping unit opens so the final component can be removed. The process is then repeated.



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Injection Moulding projects for quote

  1. Drawings count: 1

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This buyer is currently looking for the best method of manufacture for a universal probe handle used widely in gas detection. Ideally they will be looking at having these manufactured in high volume (1000's). They will require a few prototypes and they may have redesigns during this process. The buyer is looking for a supplier that can work with them on the part as this will most likely lead to ongoing work. Please quote tooling quotes separate from the piece price.

  2. Drawings count: 3

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This buyer is currently seeking best method of manufacture for the attached rubber Anti-vibration mounts. This project will also be sent out to Vacuum Forming and Rubber Moulding suppliers. Please can you quote any tooling costs separately.

  3. Drawings count: 1

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    ** Please note- the buyer is looking for best method of manufacture and this project has been sent to Wood Machinists and Plastic Specialists** This design house are currently working on a new product and are seeking the best method of manufacture. A key part to this project is that the buyer requires the material used to be: 1. Sustainable (in this case - they are looking at environmentally friendly plastics) 2. Recyclable/eco-friendly as possible Please can you quote tooling costs separately.

  4. Drawings count: 4

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This buyer is looking for budget prices and most efficient type of manufacture for the seals that fit onto the top and bottom of this wine cooler design. The drawing package includes examples of the wine cooler and how the two rings at the bottom and the two rings at the top fit and seal the product together. The buyer is looking at alternative supply chain options and to do this, would like to know costing on the injection moulding for several price breaks, and tooling costs listed separately. The buyer is aware that all the details required for a final quote, may not be available in the information provided in this enquiry. However, at this stage they are only really looking to find out who can do the manufacture and at what starting budget prices.

  5. Drawings count: 2

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This new company has an order to place for this plastic painting device, which will be available for sale to the general public. This is to be injection moulded from HDPE, PP or ABS material. Tooling is also required for this enquiry. Quotes are sought for 500, 1000 and 10,000 off. The initial order will be for 500 or 1000 off, followed by larger orders on an ongoing basis. Pricing is key for this enquiry. The buyer invites suggestions regarding the material to be used, which will need to be a purple colour.

  6. Drawings count: 3

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This new buyer to Qimtek specialises in the manufacture of leading safety security systems. They seek a new supplier for the attached ABS top cases. The ideal supplier will be able to produce these parts economically, with an emphasis on reliability and a high quality durable end product. There is an order to place immediately with a supplier who can offer all of the above.

  7. Drawings count: 3

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This client, a prestigious global manufacturer of high-end air guns, seeks an injection moulding partner to add to their current supplier portfolio. The attached drawings show an example selection of components that will be required on an ongoing basis by the client; interested parties are asked to submit their best price and lead time in order to be considered for this opportunity, with quality of manufacture also being of the utmost importance. The ideal supplier will be able to offer fantastic communication, high quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing. In return, the successful candidate will secure ongoing work from the buyer, with moulded items such as the attached required in quantities of up to 20,000 off per annum.

  8. Drawings count: 2

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This Qimtek member currently has a requirement for the attached parts to be moulded from ABS plastic. They require quotes for 50 off this component, which will develop into an ongoing requirement moving forward. There is an order to place with the successful supplier, meaning that this project will be a great fit with those looking for both ongoing and immediate work.

  9. Drawings count: 9

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This manufacturer of washroom furniture is currently looking for potential suppliers who can assist with the ongoing production of the attached bathroom stools. Having already had samples manufactured abroad, the buyer is hoping for long-term production of the stools to be kept within the UK. Therefore, they would like to hear from suppliers who have the capabilities and capacity to assist on an ongoing basis.

  10. Drawings count: 2

    Plastic & Rubber-Injection Moulding

    This company is looking for quotes on the attached injection-moulded plastic insert. Quotes are sought for 1000, 5000 and 10000 off, with tooling also needed. These inserts are destined for use within a construction project which is commencing next month, meaning there will be an immediate order to place once the new supplier is found.

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