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Press tools are used within a wide range of sheet metal processes and incorporate a number of operations such as blanking, bending and forming. Press tools can be used to achieve a range of complex shapes using thin material, through the application of pressure. Often, the cost of tooling is only justified by the production of high-volume batches and is not suitable for prototype work and low-volume production.

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Press Tools projects for quote

  1. Drawings count: 2

    Tool Making-Press Tools

    This buyer urgently seeks a supplier to produce the attached two-piece press tool from mild steel. The client lacks the in-house capabilities to produce these components and therefore, a supplier is sought for their production. This is a new design for which there is an immediate order to place, with delivery required by 23/05/19 at the latest. This is a one-off requirement, although please be aware that it may lead to additional opportunities for the successful supplier moving forward.

  2. Drawings count: 1

    Tool Making-Press Tools

    This client is currently seeking a supplier who can manufacture tooling to be used in a press brake to form 1.6mm sheet mild steel into terminal guards. The drawing attached shows the finished component that the tooling will form. Please note that the parts within the red circles are the sections required to be formed - the punching shown in the drawing will already have been completed at this point. This tooling will be used to make 1000 to 2000 presses at a time, with quality and tolerance being extremely important. The forming is to be completed with one single operation; tooling with secondary operations will not be considered. An order is ready to place, with an opportunity to manufacture further tooling for the client going forward.

  3. Drawings count: 2

    Tool Making-Press Tools

    The attached top combs will be used within press tools, on behalf of a company that spends £10,000 a year on subcontract tool making and a further £250,000 on bespoke machined parts. They have an immediate order to place for these designs, which are legacy parts with no current supplier in place. 2 off of each design is required at this time and the client has advised that the work may be best suited to those with large CNC milling facilities.

  4. Drawings count: 5

    Tool Making-Press Tools

    A prototype supplier is sought for the production of press tools, on behalf of a company that operates within the industrial machinery sector. They seek the assistance of a vendor who can offer input surrounding the optimum manufacturing method and can also provide a quality, good-value end product. There is an immediate order to place for the work in question, as well as repeat orders to replace existing tooling when the need arises.

  5. Drawings count: 3

    Tool Making-Press Tools

    The manufacture of an embossing tool is required by an industrial machinery company. The tool in question is needed for in-house use, with quality an extremely important factor of this project. The client spends £250,000 a year in the subcontract machining market and may invite the chosen supplier to assist within additional projects and also with the production of spares moving forward.

  6. Drawings count: 2

    Tool Making-Press Tools

    Due to an increase in production, this ceramic manufacturer requires additional tooling to keep up with demand. They currently seek quotes on the attached punch and ejector for their compaction press tooling. Multiples of two are needed as the buyer runs double impression tools, meaning that the heights of each pair of punches and ejectors has to be exactly the same. Having previously handled the manufacture of their tooling in-house, they would now like to partner with an external supplier for the production of these items, as well as additional sizes.

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