Process: Punching


Punching is a process to cut or create holes in patterns using repeated punches, usually in sheet metals.

Punching makes holes in a piece of material by punching a tool into a die, with the workpiece in between. This creates a
hole in the workpiece. By doing this repeatedly, it is possible to punch holes in patterns. It is also possible to let the
holes overlap each other, making punching an efficient process to cut large pieces of sheet metal.

A modern punch press can hold several tools at the same time. The tools are mounted in the machine tool's turret. The machine tool can be programmed to use them in a sequence, which significantly reduces the machining time. Therefore punching is somtimes referred to as CNC turret punching.

For large volume production, punching can be highly automated. However, it is also possible and cost-effective to punch smaller volumes, especially since the tools are not custom-made for each project.

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Punching projects for quote

  1. Drawings count: 3

    Sheet Metal Forming-Punching

    Punching and chemical etching of arm carrier badges is needed, to be used within turntables. The company behind this enquiry spends over £250,000 a year on bespoke fabricated items. They initially require samples, followed by production batches of 100 off, to be repeated approximately once or twice per year. Two different anodising options are being considered and therefore, the client requires quotes that reflect this. They would like to partner with a supplier that can offer a high standard of quality, as well as good value.

  2. Drawings count: 2

    Sheet Metal Forming-Punching

    The attached patterns are sought on a regular basis, by a company that spends a sizeable £300,000 a year on bespoke fabricated parts. Due to an increase in volumes, they are looking to expand their supplier base for the production of these components. They have an immediate order to place for quantities ranging from 20 to 300 off, to be repeated in larger volumes moving forward in line with growing demand.

  3. Drawings count: 1

    Sheet Metal Forming-Punching

    The attached tin steel battery plate is sought on a regular basis, by a company that spends a sizeable £300,000 a year on bespoke fabricated parts. Having previously completed this work in-house, they are now keen to subcontract it out to an external supplier. They have an immediate order to place for 20 off, to be repeated on a quarterly basis moving forward. Quotes from companies that can facilitate delivery within two to three weeks of order placement will be looked upon favourably.

  4. Drawings count: 1

    Sheet Metal Forming-Punching

    Suppliers with punching capabilities are asked to quote for the production of five different sizes of mild steel washer. The client will use these items across multiple industries, placing repeat orders for their production with the supplier that they select. Over £25,000 worth of fabrication work is outsourced by this company annually, meaning that there could also be scope for further opportunities once a relationship has been cultivated.

  5. Drawings count: 2

    Sheet Metal Forming-Punching

    This company operates within the food & beverage industry, spending over £40,000 a year on bespoke fabricated components. They are currently looking for a supplier with the in-house capabilities to produce their punched turret pressed parts from a combination of mild steel and zintec. The chosen supplier will be asked to fulfil quarterly orders of these items and therefore, this is an opportunity to win not only the job in question, but also a new long-term customer.

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