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Rubber mouldingRubber moulding is a technique of moulding rubber in moulds.

Rubber moulding begins by making a two-part mould. The mould is usually done with traditional processing, such as milling, spark and wire erosion and turning. The mold is made in an upper portion and lower portion so that the mold can be pressed together.

When the mold is manufactured, the two parts are placed in a press with the raw material inbetween. There are also other methods in which melted raw material is poured in the mould (transfer moulding) or the melt raw material is injected into the mold, injection molding. When the material is in the pieces of the mould is pushed together with high force and high temperature so that the rubber becomes vulcanized. The time component needs to be compressed depends on the temperature, the pressure which the molds are pressed together with and part's size. The type of rubber material also affects the time needed.

Sometimes it is desirable to mould the rubber component, so that the component takes the form and then complete the vulcanisation in an oven. This mainly applies to rubber parts that are a little thicker.

The molding is a suitable method for small series of rubber molding because the set-up cost is relatively low. Rubber molding is done in some specialized workshops.

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Rubber Moulding projects for quote

  1. Drawings count: 1

    Plastic & Rubber-Rubber Moulding

    The assistance of a rubber moulding supplier is sought in order to produce the attached trigger assembly. This assembly is comprised of both rubber and steel components, although the client has advised that they can free-issue the steel parts if necessary. Having previously had this design produced overseas, the client is now keen to return production to the UK; they have an ongoing requirement for the assembly, making this an opportunity to win a new long-term customer as well as the work in question. **Due to the current health climate, we ask that you only submit a quotation for this project if you are in a position to fulfil the requirement. Please also be mindful that there may be a delay in buyer response due to widespread remote working.**

  2. Drawings count: 3

    Plastic & Rubber-Rubber Moulding

    This start-up company has an order to place for this design of piston ring and bucking, which are parts of a paintball gun for the leisure industry. The buyer is open to receiving advice on the best method of manufacture for these components. Quotes are sought for 200 off as an initial order and 3000 off. **Due to the current health climate, we ask that you only submit a quotation for this project if you are in a position to fulfil the requirement.**

  3. Drawings count: 1

    Plastic & Rubber-Rubber Moulding

    This start-up company has an order to place for the attached piston ring, which will be used to seal a metal cylinder within a new design of paintball gun. Quotes are required for 50, 100, 200 and 3000 off, which will also lead to ongoing work once full production is in progress. Additional, similar parts will also be required imminently, with accuracy being very important for this enquiry. The buyer has confirmed that they are open to suggestions for the material and process to be used and is available to talk further regarding this.

  4. Drawings count: 1

    Plastic & Rubber-Rubber Moulding

    Destined for end use within the marine industry, these sensor stoppers are to be made from rubber, on behalf of a company that specialises in marine control systems. Quotes are required for both the initial sample of 10 off, as well as the expected yearly quantity of 500 off. The client has also advised that this will be an ongoing requirement for quite some time, making it an ideal opportunity to fill immediate and long-term capacity. In addition, there may be scope for the chosen supplier to expand upon their involvement with the client moving forward.

  5. Drawings count: 3

    Plastic & Rubber-Rubber Moulding

    This design house, who has historically assisted OEMs with their bespoke orders, is now looking at launching a range of their own products to be sold to consumers. Therefore, they require the assistance of a moulding supplier who works with Silicon, who can manage both the initial moulding and ongoing production of the attached sleeve. The buyer is hoping to get this product to market before the end of the year. IMPORTANT: There is a non-disclosure agreement running with this enquiry. Please print this off, complete ALL sections, sign and date it and return the page to sourcing@qimtek.co.uk or fax 01256 394600. Once received, all drawings and documents will be released to your account.

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