Engineered Fabricated Solutions Case Study

Read about how EFS used the sourcing side so effectively they joined as members to grow their sheet metal side of the business.

Having utilised the Qimtek service to quote varying projects during difficult times in early 2020, EFS Ltd made the strategic decision to invest in and grow its sub-contract sheet metal service.

The results of which led to capital investment in new laser and punch machinery to support its already well-established infrastructure from its 50,000 sq ft site in Somerset, along with the acquisition of a Business Development Manager tasked with growing the department.

EFS subsequently identified two large scale projects posted on Qimtek through August 2020: A world leading systems provider for enclosures, power distribution and climate control into the IT infrastructure, detailed a critical high-volume component required to support one of its key customers in the social networking industry.

EFS Image

Having opened lines of communication with the Supply Chain Director who posted the opportunity, EFS developed a successful proposal, accounting for the tooling & equipment required to commence and maintain long term supply of the product, with the view to becoming a key supplier for this world leading organisation.
The proposal was followed by a full audit in latter 2020 and pending sample approval the commitment to commence on-going schedule production from April 2021, during this process EFS has also grown its portfolio of products with the customer.

The next opportunity was by a market leading retail storage solutions company, after a long period of negotiation EFS were not successful with initial proposals against this opportunity.

However, as a result of this process EFS developed a strong relationship with the purchasing team and were included on multiple RFQ’s, one of which demanding a fast response and setup to supply circa 20 thousand ticket dividers to UK wide hardware stores through Q1 2021. Following commercial agreement EFS entered a successful period achieving a highly demanding weekly schedule. EFS’s commitment to this project and ability to ramp up production has led to very positive feedback and the work is now dovetailing into the next project for the supply of display units, again direct to hardware stores throughout the UK.

The above opportunities sourced via Qimtek have led to EFS securing two key partners whose overall spend will increase turnover by well over a £ million per annum this year increasing in the future.

Engineered Fabrication Solution’s values are the cornerstone of how we do business and the basis for our guiding principles and the culture of the company.

Our values are the driving force behind our clear communication, superior performance, and professional;

  • Accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Collaboration
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Customisable Solutions

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The variety of enquiries that come through really suit our business needs. As a result, we’ve been able to form quite a few well-established relationships with buyers, who continue to provide us with ongoing work. The Qimtek team have provided us a lot of support over the years. Just one example, through our association with yourselves we turned over £3.5m with a customer last year that we found at Subcon 2017.  This year (2021) the forecast is for £6m. We would definitely recommend them to other companies!

Director, Warren Services Ltd

From a sourcing perspective, United Construction & Manufacturing have also found the Qimtek network invaluable. ‘Qimtek’s sourcing service has helped us to find lots of great suppliers that we wouldn’t have found ourselves,’ they explained. ‘It’s also useful to have another port of call if we experience problems with a supplier. ‘We would rate Qimtek’s sourcing service nine out of ten, because nobody’s perfect!’

Works Manager. United Construction & Manufacturing

I have used Qimtek sourcing service several times, using a Non Disclosure Agreement and I must say, it works very effectively and does the job on sensitive projects. It saves us a lot of time as Qimtek collect the signed NDA's before releasing the drawings to potential suppliers to quote. I'm pleased with the responses coming back, and will be awarding my projects to Qimteks Supplier Members. I would highly recommend using Qimtek sourcing service with or without the nda, it's been successful everytime 

Design Engineer at Compak Ramps Ltd

We have recently registered with Qimtek within the last 2-3 months, and have found them to be very helpful and professional with our enquiries into finding suppliers for our manufactured items. The company representative and additional team continue finding the right supplier for our needs. They are also very approachable and helpful in finding numerous suppliers, which makes us as a company more efficient in serving our customers across the UK. We at Ductec are very happy with service Qimtek provide us and will continue to use them in the future. Thank you Qimtek for the great service in finding our manufacturing suppliers.

Installation Manager. Ductec Ltd