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Midas moulds for pizza ovens

05 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Midas Pattern Company has developed a special mould to help Etna Ovens cast the concrete fire brick domes that form the basis of the company’s iconic outdoor pizza ovens.

The company has already cast 50 new domes using the mould and Etna ovens are available to view at exhibitions up and down the country, including the Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs Live.

Guiseppe Buttice, director, Etna Ovens, said: “We knew of Midas Pattern as they are local to us and it proved a good decision to get them involved in the mould for our domes.”

Largest individual contract for Zircotec

04 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Heat management specialist Zircotec has secured its largest ever single contract, to supply an ultra-durable ceramic coating for the exhaust tail pipes of a premium European supercar.

The £1m contract is for Zircotec’s Ultimate Range which will be used to protect nearby carbon fibre components from heat whilst providing a long lasting cosmetic finish that has been developed to suit vehicle styling requirements.

Smart electronic ski bindings

04 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Electronic ski bindings have been developed which aim to give skiers the winning edge when it comes to speed in cross-country trials.

The bindings, which have been developed by Rottefella in partnership with Semcon in Norway, can change position on the go controlled via a remote control in the pole. They can be moved forwards for a better grip and backwards for a faster glide

Rubber-like polymer for 3D printing

03 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

3D printing and plastic CNC machining firm, Industrial Plastics Fabrication Ltd, has added the rubber-like Agilius30 polymer to its portfolio of advanced 3D print materials.

Agilus30 is one of the latest generations of materials from Stratasys which can be used to create 3D printed parts that offer realistic rubber-like qualities of flexibility and durability.

Spring expert expands and relocates

03 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

A Yorkshire based spring manufacturer and supplier is expanding and relocating to a new purpose built facility in Huddersfield.

European Springs & Pressings Ltd is relocating as a direct result of significant expansion over the past decade, in order to increase capacity even further and capitalise in on the efficiency of better transportation links.