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The variety of enquiries that come through really suit our business needs. As a result, we’ve been able to form quite a few well-established relationships with buyers, who continue to provide us with ongoing work. The Qimtek team have provided us a lot of support over the years. Just one example, through our association with yourselves we turned over £3.5m with a customer last year that we found at Subcon 2017.  This year (2021) the forecast is for £6m. We would definitely recommend them to other companies!

Director, Warren Services Ltd

"I joined Qimtek in January 2021 to increase my customer base after having to relocate my business. The aim was to secure work quickly and so far I've managed to secure 5 new customers which is above and beyond what I expected. What I like best about Qimtek is the ease of use of the sales platform and being able to talk to someone if I need any advice. I'd happily recommend Qimtek to other companies."

Managing Director from TRT Precision Engineering Ltd

"With no sales team in place, we made the decision to join Qimtek back in 2007 as it was a cost effective way of generating leads. Since then we have secured lots of initial orders and an estimated £5million worth of business directly. In the first two years, we picked up 2 new clients that, for the next six years, were the largest customers we had dealt with. The membership is very straight forward. You set your lead parameters; you receive relevant projects to quote on directly, then you convert them into sales. Qimtek has been a very good tool for RDL and I have spent the last few years recommending Qimtek to others – some of which are now members themselves.”

Managing Director at RDL Technologies

We signed up to Qimtek in the middle of COVID and the national lockdown.  Their onboarding was smooth and quick, and we have won a couple new customers already.  Qimtek has been a huge help for us winning more work during such a challenging time!  In less than 4 months’ service we have already won enough orders to cover the annual investment.  We would highly recommend them. They are a friendly and informative service with a clear and concise website. A great avenue to connect with specific and potential new clients. Within a short period, we have seen a positive up-turn in orders thanks to the new opportunities created through Qimtek Ltd."

Managing Director of Contracts Engineering Ltd

Qimtek’s membership provides us with a stream of enquiries, which ultimately allows us to pick and choose enquiries we can and want to quote on. We have been able to turn these initial orders into ongoing relationships. We have visited customers and customers have visited us. If you deliver their job correctly and on time, it’s onwards and upwards from there, and for that reason, I would recommend Qimtek to others.

Sales Engineer, OMS Engineering Ltd

"We were very curious about Qimtek’s live lead service and decided to take the plunge and join the membership. We have successfully secured in excess of £125,000 worth of initial orders from around twenty-five new customers. Our favourite aspect of the membership is retaining control over the quoting process as it allows us to pick and choose the work we want to quote for and when, depending on our capacity constraints at that time."

General Manager at Premax Engineering Ltd

"Rotec Engineering is an advanced manufacturing business serving clients from many industrial sectors including Automotive, Medical, Defence and Electronics. Our state-of-the-art production facility boasts the very latest CNC fixed head turning, milling, and sliding head machines, which enables us to provide customers with a rapid turnaround at highly competitive rates. 

We initially joined the Qimtek membership in order to increase our existing customer base. 14 years later and Rotec have secured in lots of initial orders via the membership, with many of these customers, going on to place additional orders directly".

Sales Engineer from Rotec Engineering Ltd

We set ourselves a target to win orders and cover the cost of the membership in 3 months. We surprisingly achieved this by the end of week one and gained valuable new customer contact information. We spent months in 2018 trying to win work with one new customer, but could not get past the front door. Quoting via Qimtek allowed us to not only get the right contact information, but also win their projects and produce their parts. 

Jo Miller, Laser 24 Ltd

“Having invested in some new machinery we were keen to find new leads for ongoing work. As a small company, the time and staffing element of finding new work was daunting and our success rate was low. Qimtek allows you access to the right people and gets your foot in the door, saving a lot of leg work! In our first 2 weeks of membership, we had a steady stream of quotations. The easy-to-use platform allowed us to register interest and quote on jobs that were relevant to us and had genuine buying intent! Within the first 2 weeks, we secured 2 purchase orders - both in industries that we had never explored before. The platform is simple and easy to use - after a short online demo, we found ourselves navigating it confidently and ultimately winning work!

James White, Managing Director. NSK Precision Engineering Ltd

"As small business members, we are viewing only a quarter of the UK, they have been able to secure over £45,000 worth of initial orders to date. The membership gives us access to areas of the UK where we previously had no coverage. If you are looking to fill capacity and gain new customers then join, there are no downsides to the service. However, when quoting on projects, be realistic, be competitive but above all else be bold and success will soon follow. Thanks to our new customers, who have gone on to become key accounts, we have been able to continue their growth and success at an impressive rate."

Director at Coltech Precision Ltd

Since joining the Qimtek membership in 2010, we have secured in excess of £275,000 worth of initial orders from over 40 different industry buyers – most of which has led to repeat business. We have moved into more profitable sectors and doubled our sales as a direct result of joining Qimtek.  Competition can be tough sometimes, more so as Qimtek has grown, but we have formed several good relationships with buyers and continue to do so. Whilst I couldn’t put a timescale on this process - as each buyer works differently - we did pick up our first order after just a few months."

Director at Nubold Group

We signed up to Qimtek one week ago, as we felt it would be beneficial in helping us to find new business. Within the first week, we had made contact with a client and manufactured some test bends. The client then came to visit us and we gave a tour of the factory. Within an hour, I had a purchase order for 50 aluminium frames, with scope for more orders in future. A great start to what I hope will be a long and successful relationship with Qimtek.

Michaels Moyers, Managing Director 

"We they have successfully secured £90,000 worth of initial orders, many of which have gone on to place repeat orders. Qimtek is a very useful tool, which I use every day and particularly enjoy the varied opportunities to offer quotations to new and existing customers. However it is good to know that realistically, it can take anywhere between a few months to a few years to build long-term relationships. We have been successful over the years and have many new and returning customers."

Director at Herve Engineering Ltd

"Joining Qimtek was a cost-effective alternative to employing additional sales staff. We receive a large quantity of qualified, live opportunities, from a variety of different industries, directly to our inbox. Although we are not fully utilising these leads at present, in just a few months of membership we have already arranged site visits with some really nice companies, as a result of responding to the RFQs."

Sales Engineer from RM Manufacturing Ltd

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