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  • How Can Funding Be Used To Grow An Engineering Business?


    How Can Funding Be Used To Grow An Engineering Business?

    Karl Creamer - Area Sales Manager Thursday, May 11, 2017

    Close Brothers Asset Finance’s Manufacturing Area Sales Manager, Karl Creamer, provides his views on emerging trends in the engineering industry, along with the different types of finance available to businesses in this sector.

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    Rapport building should be a priority of any business looking to expand. Why? Because the adage that people buy from people is entirely true and by building rapport, you ensure that you’re at the forefront of your customer’s mind the next time they have an order to place.

  • Do You Have The Customers YOU Want?


    Often when companies set out to maximise the amount of new business they’re doing, they overlook one of the best places to start – their existing customer base. The term ‘new business’ is largely misunderstood, with many thinking that this refers exclusively to finding new customers that you’ve never dealt with; however, this is not always the case. New business can also mean a new order from an existing customer, which you’ve never previously received.

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    Qimtek Contract Manufacturing Index - Quarter 1, 2017

    Karl Wigart - Owner Thursday, April 13, 2017

    The Contract Manufacturing Index (CMI) has been developed to reflect the total purchasing budget of companies that are looking to outsource manufacturing in any given month. This reflects a sample of over 4,000 companies, who have a purchasing budget of more than £3bn and a supplier base sample of over 7,000 vendors, with a verified turnover in excess of £25bn.

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    Breaking Into: Automotive Industry

    Sarah Venning Thursday, April 6, 2017

    With large household names looking at investment in UK manufacturing post-Brexit, has there ever been a better time to break into the automotive industry?

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    Southern Manufacturing 2017

    Sarah Venning Thursday, March 30, 2017

    As the largest regional show dedicated to engineering, Southern Manufacturing is always popular with both purchasers and suppliers from the industry. This year bucked tradition by taking place a whole month later than previous events; nonetheless, it still presides as the primary exhibition in 2017’s calendar, signalling the end of the winter hiatus.

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    The UK is seeing a number of its OEMs returning production to home soil, after decades of haemorrhaging subcontract engineering business to companies based overseas.

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    What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution / Industry 4.0? Recently the manufacturing industry has seen the introduction of a number of new buzzwords; Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0, connected factories, smart factories and the list goes on.

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    Formula 24: Bridging The Skills Gap

    Sarah Venning Thursday, February 23, 2017

    Modern day engineering companies face a unique challenge when looking at the possibility of expansion. With a pronounced skills gap in the UK’s manufacturing sector, many find that the process of sourcing and recruiting technical staff is something of a headache.

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    Top 10 Things You Should NOT Do Whilst Exhibiting…

    Dean Munkley - Sales & Marketing Manager Thursday, February 16, 2017

    Exhibiting is expensive when you factor in all of the applicable costs. It’s also a fantastic way to generate new business. That's why it's important to maximise your ROI by using your time at the show effectively and that means never doing any of the following.