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Qimtek Free Listing: How Can I Make It Work Better For Me?

Sarah Venning

They say that nothing in life is free but here at Qimtek, this is simply not true! Free listings are available to engineering suppliers both on and off of the membership, providing either an exclusive shopfront or an extension of your existing website. Either way, your free listing can be a powerful tool and it’s important to ensure that it’s continually updated.

Unlike other online directories, Qimtek is 100% focused on the engineering sector. Instead of competing for exposure amongst the likes of florists and hairdressing salons, companies listed on our network enjoy a steady stream of targeted web traffic, from businesses that have an active need for the services of a subcontract engineering supplier.

By populating your profile, you ensure that potential new customers have a comprehensive understanding of your capabilities as a company. Qimtek free listings are designed to allow subcontract engineers to showcase their capacity, along with any specific areas of expertise.

So, what steps can you take to ensure that your free listing is working to the best of its abilities?

Make sure that your profile is aesthetically pleasing:

Qimtek members automatically have their free listing upgraded to a preferred supplier profile, which includes the ability to upload supporting images and videos. This additional visual facet results in a profile that is both eye-catching and informative, illustrating your premises, plant and even your team. It’s worth taking the time to upload high-quality images and videos that show your company in the best light.

If you aren’t a Qimtek member, then you’re still able to include your company logo on your profile. As well as making your listing look more professional, this also draws the attention of buyers who are browsing the directory.

Populate your profile:

Make sure that you have filled in as many fields as possible, in order to provide potential clients with a complete overview of your abilities. Qimtek free listings specifically cater for the subcontract engineering industry, meaning that there are dedicated areas in which to import a plant list, write an introduction to your business and talk about your capabilities.

By taking the time to put together this information, you ensure that your online presence reflects a credible and professional company.

Check that your processes list is accurate:

Remember, your processes list is the key to being found by the right buyers. These relate to the search criteria that are used by visitors browsing the directory; therefore, it’s important to check that these are in-line with your in-house capabilities.

Be specific with your processes. It’s also worth double checking that the list is inclusive of any approvals you hold, along with the materials that you work in.

Link your social media accounts:

If you have a preferred supplier profile, then you are able to link your company’s social media accounts directly to your Qimtek listing. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube are all accommodated for, giving you a portal through which to drive traffic to your respective pages.


The benefits of maintaining your profile are both direct and indirect. As well as attracting the attention of buyers actively using the directory, a complete profile will help to boost your Google rankings. By appearing higher in web search results, you also increase your chances of being found by purchasers who are browsing subcontract engineering suppliers through other means.

The Qimtek team are always on hand if you need advice on how to best complete your profile. Simply give us a call on 01256 394 500 to discuss.


About Sarah Venning

Sarah is a sales & marketing content writer, with five years of experience within the engineering industry.  Working both at Qimtek and on a freelance basis, she can usually be found hammering away at a keyboard or with her head in a pile of engineering drawings. When she's not writing, Sarah enjoys music, reading, red wine and losing play-fights to her kitten, Hobbs.

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