Six Benefits of Using Qimtek to Source For Your Subcontract Engineering Requirements

6 benefits of using Qimtek to source new suppliers

Sourcing new subcontract engineering suppliers on your own can sometimes feel like a bit of headache. From having to contact multiple suppliers individually, to collating and comparing quotes for multiple projects, sourcing can sometimes prove to be a challenging task to even the most competent of buyers.

However, it needn't be this way. Qimtek's supplier-funded sourcing service is designed to make the sourcing process as simple and as straightforward as possible, providing you with multiple quotes from a variety of suppliers who have the capabilities you require for your project. If you're looking for subcontract engineering suppliers, then here are six benefits of using Qimtek's sourcing service for you to consider:

Benefit #1: Save the Time It Takes To Contact Multiple Suppliers Individually

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to sourcing new suppliers. Researching and identifying suppliers who fit your needs can be a time-consuming task - and that's before you've contacted each one with a brief of your requirements. This is where Qimtek's sourcing service helps time-strapped buyers to source efficiently and quickly. Instead of having to research and contact suppliers individually, you simply provide Qimtek with an overview of what you require, along with your technical drawings. From here, we pass your enquiry to suppliers who have the capabilities you need and they provide you with a quote directly if they have the capacity to assist.

The Qimtek Sourcing Platform also features a messaging system to allow you to contact multiple suppliers in one go. This is especially useful if any aspect of your project changes, or if you wish to clarify any of the details of your project at a later stage. Suppliers will also indicate their interest in your project, so you'll be able to see at a glance which companies have quoted and which companies intend to quote, affording you more insight into how many responses you can expect to receive.

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Benefit #2: Understand Suppliers Before Committing

Working with a new supplier can often feel like a deep-dive into the unknown and it can be somewhat daunting to entrust your business with a supplier whom you have no prior relationship with. That's why the Qimtek Sourcing Platform provides you with deeper insight into suppliers before committing to a business decision, taking the uncertainty out of new business and allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Browse supplier profiles to gain a better understanding of a supplier's capabilities and what they have to offer. You can even read reviews left by other buyers who have previously worked with the supplier in question. These reviews are tailored to give you the information that matters, with star ratings based on factors such as quality, communication and delivery, meaning that you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands when embarking on a new business relationship.

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Benefit #3: Access All of the Information You Need In One Place

Through the Qimtek Sourcing Platform, you can access a range of resources, as well as all of the information you need to make informed business decisions. In addition to supplier profiles and reviews, you can message suppliers, review your projects, award/extend projects with the click of a button, see which suppliers have quoted or are yet to quote and much, much more. By having all of the information you require in one place, you'll benefit from a centralised approach to sourcing - no more scrabbling around in your email inbox trying to find quotes and supplier contact information!

What's more, you can also add unlimited users onto your company account, which is perfect for larger buying teams. We understand that there is often more than one person involved within the sourcing process - the Qimtek Sourcing Platform can be accessed by multiple users at your request, meaning that everyone is on the same page as to the status of live and past projects.

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Benefit #4: Cut Down on Admin Tasks

Admin tasks can eat up a substantial amount of time, but by using Qimtek's surrounding service, you can keep these to a minimum. As well as removing the need to contact multiple suppliers individually, Qimtek helps you to streamline your sourcing process further still by providing you with additional support.

Sensitive and confidential projects can be particularly admin-intensive due to the need to review multiple non-disclosure agreements; however, here at Qimtek, we undertake this task on behalf of our buyers, leaving them to concentrate on other areas. We'll check that each NDA has been filled out correctly before releasing the drawings to the corresponding supplier, as well as collating and filing all non-disclosure agreements for a period of 2 years. What's more, we can use your own non-disclosure agreement or Qimtek's own NDA depending on your needs. 

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Benefit #5: Test the Water Before Awarding Larger Projects

It always pays to place smaller jobs with a new supplier initially, in order to test the water. Our Supplier Members recognise this and understand that the projects you submit may lead to additional opportunities. Any relationships you form with suppliers through the Qimtek network are yours to keep - once the initial requirement is completed, you are free to contact the supplier directly to invite them to quote for additional projects.

Qimtek's aim is to match buyers and suppliers who go on to work together on a long-term basis. Our Supplier Members pay a flat monthly fee to receive projects that match their capabilities - they do not pay any commission for the work that they win. Therefore, you don't have to worry about paying inflated prices for the services of a supplier found through the Qimtek Network and there are absolutely no restrictions on working together directly. All we ask is that you provide feedback to the suppliers who take the time to quote, which can be done quickly and easily through the Qimtek Sourcing Platform.

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Benefit #6: Explore New Suppliers While Keeping Your Existing Relationship In Tact

We absolutely do not want to disrupt any existing relationships you may have with suppliers; however, looking outside of your preferred supplier list is a worthwhile exercise to ensure that you're getting the best possible service. Therefore, we are happy to remove any of your existing suppliers from receiving your projects if they happen to be a Qimtek Supplier Member.

Just let us know the names of any suppliers that you do not wish your project to be sent to and we'll do the rest, leaving you free to browse new subcontract engineering companies whilst maintaining great relationships with your current suppliers.

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