Three Great Reasons Why You Should Have a Company Video

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Marketing methods have changed significantly over the past few years. With the rise of social media and a curtail in email marketing due to GDPR laws, companies from all sectors have had to adapt accordingly. 

Whilst more traditional marketing methods are slowly falling by the wayside, the new business landscape has birthed many new ways to promote your company. Company videos have increased exponentially in popularity - and for good reason. Here are three reasons why you should consider using a company video within your marketing strategy:

Reason #1: Increase Your Engagement on Social Media

Video is probably the most powerful content to use on social media. Why? Because it draws your audience in! Your followers are far more likely to view a video than they are to read a lengthy post, owing to the fact that videos are visual and require little effort from the viewer to absorb. The more people that watch your video, the more likely your video is to receive engagement from your followers, whether that's liking, sharing, or commenting. The more engagement your video receives, the more it will be viewed, providing an excellent medium to increase your brand awareness overall.

Your followers are far more likely to view a video than they are to read a lengthy post.

Although a well-put together company video will pay dividends when it comes to illustrating your capabilities, it's also worth posting videos on social media regularly. As video is such a great way to grow your audience, your company will benefit from filming multiple videos to be used on social media intermittently. Humorous videos work especially well, as they increase your chances of engagement. Engineering, as an industry, has a distinct advantage when it comes to creating company videos, due to the fact that it's a very visual industry. Why not film some of your machines in action? This type of content will always prove to be a hit with your followers, no matter which social media platform you're using.

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Reason #2: Bring Your Company Website To Life

It's one thing to write about your capabilities on your company website (as you should), but by including a great company video, you'll be able to show visitors exactly what you can offer them. Some people like to read, whilst others prefer a more visually-stimulating experience - by using both mediums, you can rest assured that your website caters for visitors of all types.

The use of company videos makes it much easier to show potential customers what you can offer.

Company videos also help you to stand out from your competitors by giving your website a little more 'edge'. Visitors will be able to visualise your premises, as well as your plant & machinery, meaning that they will feel more confident that their business is in safe hands if they choose to go ahead and work with you. Often, fear of the unknown can be one of the biggest concerns amongst buyers when sourcing for new subcontract suppliers, so the more information you can provide, the better. Nobody likes a cluttered website, but the use of company videos makes it much easier to show potential customers what you can offer.

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Reason #3: Company Videos Work For Themselves

Often one of the hardest parts of marketing is coming up with fresh content ideas, creating them and then implementing them, which can all take up huge amounts of time. However, company videos - once filmed - are extremely versatile and can be used in all manner of applications. What's more, they'll keep working in the background for your company and every new view means a new potential customer.

Company videos are extremely versatile and can be used in all manner of applications.

This is especially true if you use sites such as Youtube and Vimeo to host your videos. Provided that you use the right keywords within the title and description, users will find your video when they search for engineering-related content, meaning that you'll grow your brand awareness continually, with only one solid investment of time and money required. This type of 'passive' marketing can be incredibly effective, leaving you with more time to focus on more proactive ways to promote your business.

Another benefit of using Youtube is that you can embed the video into other applications, such as your website or social media. Though Youtube continues to host the video, viewers will be able to watch it directly from your chosen application, offering a seamless user experience without being redirected.

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