EMKA hardware for Machine Building and Production Engineering industries

EMKA engineers have stayed at the forefront of hardware developments by maintaining a close relationship with their customers – which has led to an appreciation that closure components of control cabinets and enclosures in mechanical engineering must meet the most diverse requirements. Quick assembly and simple installation, convenient operation and, above all, a secure locking system are required. Because on highly dangerous machines, personal protection plays a particularly important role meaning that a professional locking system is needed to secure the highly sensitive electronics in control cabinets on the one hand, but also to protect individual persons in areas of a machine where safety is endangered.

EMKA locking solutions for machine building and general mechanical engineering therefore primarily meet the criteria of safety, with locking and operating convenience, as well as durability even under demanding conditions. This comprehensive range includes: Quarter turn latch/locks, safety/compression versions and quick fit clip-in designs – an eCam electromechanical locking mechanism, plus torque hinges, bow type handles, aluminium windows and gaskets/edge protective strips.

Where appropriate these EMKA products comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, for protection against dust and water with the desired IP protection classes and/or UL certification. They also feature grounding protection, vibration resistance and lock position indicators. Many also meet special requirements in terms of fire protection, compression and operation in doors with large returns, or through large panel thicknesses. For the quarter turns alone, over 15,000 standard products have American UL certification.

Further information on EMKA locking solutions for machine building and general mechanical engineering can be found at www.emka.com/uk_en/sectors/mechanical-engineering/. Readers can find the latest information and news on the EMKA blog – www.emkablog.co.uk or follow them on twitter - http://twitter.com/emkauk.