Bigger tools and new processes

14 Feb 2018

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

£250,00 of new investment at prototype, production tooling and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies includes machining centres, a custom-built hot plate welding machine and mould simulation software.

The investment ties in with RP’s ongoing growth and expansion plans and will increase the capacity and productivity in its West Midlands based facility, with additional services expanding its offering.

The Hurco machines include a VMX30i and a large VMX64i which will increase its capability to machine larger tools thanks to its 1,676mm by 889mm table.

In the past year the company have seen an increase in demand from automotive customers. With the automotive industry pushing to develop more electric vehicles the increase in demand for battery cooling systems has gone through the roof. This demand has given the company a lot of experience in manufacturing tooling, injection moulding and welding expansion tanks for OEM and Tier 1 customers.

To meet this demand the company has purchased the hot plate welding machine. Offering this service in-house gives greater control over the process ensuring RP provides high quality welded components to match customer specifications.

RP’s third investment is a software package which enables component design to be validated with a Mould Simulation Analysis.

The software allows it to gain product insights, visualise flow and thermal properties and optimise processes before physical parts are moulded.

Using this software RP endeavours to catch design faults that could potentially cause setbacks during tool trial. This not only helps to improve quality, but it also helps to reduce development costs and manufacturing time for customers by eliminating potential issues before manufacture begins.

RP hase also employed additional engineering and manufacturing staff within the company to keep up with their ever-increasing demand.


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