Body of brazing knowledge

09 Oct 2018

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

A new Brazing Body of Knowledge (BoK) focusing on Furnace Brazing, both Vacuum and non-Vacuum, has been published eQualified – a global industry-managed program for aerospace special process personnel skills development and qualification.

Based on a template issued by the International Aerospace Quality Group, eQualified Bodies of Knowledge are unique documents that capture the knowledge and skills required by personnel operating in specific special process areas. The BoKs are available to download free of charge on the Performance Review Institute website and provide all relevant information needed to prepare for any corresponding assessments.

This new Body of Knowledge contains the aerospace industry’s expectations for a Process Planner’s knowledge and experience of Furnace Brazing. The document includes topics such as brazing procedure qualification and specification, vacuum equipment and process requirements, and atmosphere (non-vacuum) equipment and process requirements.

“The new Furnace Brazing BoK is the result of many months of collaborative effort by some of the aerospace industry’s leading technical experts in the field of Brazing including my counterparts at Honeywell Aerospace, Rolls Royce Corp, Barnes Aerospace and GE Aviation. It will be a welcome resource for both aerospace Suppliers like us and our customers. The BoK captures in a clear yet detailed manner, industry expectations of those who are supervising brazers and furnace brazing operators. The team is now working on a new theory assessment for furnace brazing based on this BoK which will give individuals the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of this complex process,” said Joshua Crockett, Heat Treat & Braze Engineer at Ellison Surface Technologies and Chair of the eQualified Brazing sub-team.

To encourage and support special process training in the aerospace industry, eQualified is also providing a mechanism for Training Providers to obtain approval for courses which are aligned to the Bodies of Knowledge. There is no charge for this process and Training Providers from anywhere in the world who are currently providing training on Furnace Brazing are encouraged to submit applications for review by industry.

eQualified empowers all parties to influence, collaborate and be part of a new approach to skills management by developing Bodies of Knowledge and assessments (online theory and practical). eQualified addresses two major workforce challenges currently facing the aerospace industry: the current global skills crisis and managing a global workforce to ensure consistent, high standards in special process manufacturing. eQualified also approves Training Providers to deliver courses aligned with the Bodies of Knowledge. eQualified is administered by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute, which also administers Nadcap.