Building up capacity

07 Nov 2018

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Precision machining and workholding specialist Brown & Holmes has invested in more capacity in anticipation of a new defence contract.

The Tamworth-based company has added a new Doosan large-capacity Mynx 3-axis vertical machining centre from Mills CNC – its third new Doosan machine in four years.

The decision to invest in the Mynx 9500 was made, primarily, as a direct result of a growing order book and anticipation of a new business contract to machine high-precision titanium components for a defence sector customer.

To machine the parts, made from titanium plate, to the accuracies and surface finishes required and to hit the lead times demanded by the customer, Brown & Holmes determined that it needed to invest in additional in-house milling capacity.

Kevin Ward, Brown & Holmes’ joint managing director, said: “We make regular investment in new, high-performance CNC machine tools, including machining centres and turning centres, and have a good range available at our disposal - installed at both our facilities.

“However, owing to a sustained and significant upturn in business experienced over the last few years, we realised we just didn’t have the right type of milling capacity available to fulfil the new business order.

The Mynx 9500 is a large-capacity vertical machining centre equipped with a powerful 50 taper high-torque, gear-driven spindle designed for heavy-duty machining operations capable of delivering high volumetric removal rates.

The machine’s rigid build and design, that includes box guideways on all axes, minimises deformation and improves accuracy.

The Mynx 9500 has large axis travels (X-axis = 2500mm; Y-axis = 950mm; Z-axis = 850mm) and can accommodate workpieces weighing up to 3.5 tonnes.

Mr Ward added: “The Mynx 9500 is a brute of a machine - and it is also inherently versatile.

“The large working envelope means we can machine large components as well as small parts and its powerful spindle technology ensures improved part cycle times and the trouble-free machining of difficult-to-machine materials like titanium.

“The size, power and versatility of the machine makes it ideal for machining one-offs and small batches, and for parts requiring long machining runs.”


Picture: Mick Gulliver, a programmer at Brown and Holmes, pictured with the company’s new Doosan Mynx 9500 vertical machining centre