Captured by coincidence

26 Jul 2018

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Flame Hardeners’ impressive long roll and shaft hardening machine (with a capacity to handle components up to 500mm in diameter and up to 7 metres long) has been captured on canvas as the result of a combination of circumstances.

It started with a visit by Flame Hardeners managing director, Roger Haw to an art exhibition where well-known architectural and abstract artist Tony Moss was among the exhibiting artists.

“I observed several of Tony’s works and it struck me how his style would suit a representation of our shaft hardening machine, of which we have always been very proud,” says Mr. Haw.

“As it happened, at that time, we were undertaking a refurbishment of our reception area,” he continues. “So I commissioned Tony to create an artist’s view of the equipment.”

“We are highly delighted with the result, and the painting, which takes pride of place in our reception, has attracted many favourable comments from visitors to our works. It just goes to show how totally unrelated events can come together to create a perfect solution,” concludes Mr. Haw.