Environmentally responsible engineering

19 Jun 2017

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

British Metal Treatments (BMT) is offering an environmentally responsible material reclaim service to help companies repair and reconfigure engineering components.

The highly skilled workforce at BMT can carry out the highest quality reclamation work on everything from mandrels and sleeves to actuator cylinders, valves and couplings.

Kenneth Gauld, managing director of parent company AJT Engineering, said: “Through reclamation, we can prevent the need for complete manufacture which in turn lessens the environmental impact.”

“We are something of a one-stop shop and are able to carry out tailored, turnkey projects, in addition, we provide unrivalled technical support throughout the surface treatment sector, and can assist with any environmental or health and safety concerns at project inception.”

The company recently completed an extensive and complex reclamation project to repair and reclaim a cylinder clamp body which was traditionally discarded following use. Before machining work was carried out and a hard chrome plating applied, the team had to isolate the area to be treated with 0.070” nickel.

To ensure that its customers receive the very best quality products, BMT's workforce has undergone extensive training both “in-house” and externally through the Institute of Materials Finishing to perfect its skills in areas such as electroplating, correct current calculation, deposition applications and the unique process routes for specific substrates.

The BMT plant is based at Port Glasgow and specialises in electro-chemical deposition techniques, particularly with chromium, nickel as well as electroless nickel plating (ENP). It also offers in-house machining and grinding and carries out all surface work for both before and after the plating processing.