Fabrication milestone in the can

20 Mar 2021

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

ECS Engineering Services has fabricated its 300th machine frame for an industry-leading can making machine – CarnaudMetalbox (CMB) Engineering's industry 5000 Series Bodymaker machine.

The machine frame was produced entirely in-house by ECS' fabrication department.

CMB Engineering is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance metal forming and finishing machinery for the production of beverage, food and aerosol cans. The 5000 Series Bodymaker is one of their most successful machines. The 5000 Bodymaker is a horizontal, double-action press for the manufacture of steel or aluminium cans. It is designed to function at high-speed, offering up to 400 strokes per minute (spm). It can produce cans with a capacity of up to 1000ml and up to 84mm in diameter.

ECS has a steel fabrication capability accredited to CE Mark Execution Class 4 (EXC4) and is experienced in providing fabrications to support civil infrastructure, water control and construction projects. The company operates its design studios and fabrications department in close proximity to each other, ensuring seamless transition of information and quality assurance. It says this combination of close collaboration and extensive capacity ensures reduced lead times.

Clark Williamson, Contracts Director at ECS, commented: "We are pleased to have been involved in reaching this milestone for this incredibly successful machine. The food and beverage industry demands the highest quality levels at all stages of the production process, and thanks to our facilities, this is something we can provide from a fabrications perspective. The fact that CMB Engineering entrusts us to produce frames for their flagship 5000 Series Bodymaker illustrates this."