Fourth Nadcap for Fine Tubes

10 Aug 2017

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Fine Tubes, a UK-based leading manufacturer of high-quality precision tubing for critical applications, has been awarded a Nadcap accreditation for Chemical Processing.

Nadcap is an internationally recognised accreditation system that covers the key manufacturing and production processes used within the aerospace industry.

This means that Fine Tubes is now one of the very few companies holding four Nadcap accreditations simultaneously.

Moreover, Fine Tubes anticipates receiving yet a further accreditation, for Fluid Distribution Systems, in the near future.

Fine Tubes’ first accreditation was awarded for Heat Treating in 2004, followed by Non-Destructive Testing (Ultrasonic Testing) in 2005 and Fusion Welding in 2013.

Chemical Processing is a critical part of the Fine Tubes production process. Tubes must be chemically milled after the cold-working and heat-treating manufacturing processes, by being etched to ensure
they meet the customer specification requirements.

David Killoran of Fine Tubes’ Technical team said: “The tubing we manufacture is designed to withstand in-process fatigue loading, and failure is not an option. When aircraft manufacturers need tubing, they inevitably look for suppliers who can demonstrate the most-stringent quality standards. Nadcap accreditation is widely viewed as confirmation of that, and, so with every Nadcap accreditation that we earn, we further enhance our
ability to win new contracts.”

To achieve its latest accreditation, Fine Tubes undertook an intensive on-site inspection and investigation by a Nadcap auditor. This audit covers all aspects of the process – the machinery,
consumables and methods employed, as well as the qualifications and experience of the staff involved in the process.

Dr Abdul Saeid, Process Engineer at Fine Tubes, said:“The auditor found no failures to comply with the Nadcap criteria, and that is a major credit to the Fine Tubes production team involved in the audit.”

Fine Tubes and its US-based sister company, Superior Tube, are units of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products. Both companies have supplied the aerospace industry with high-performance tubes for more than 50 years. Their precision tubes are used in airframes, aircraft engines and aerospace instrumentation, where they are relied upon to withstand the most-critical operating conditions.

“This latest Nadcap accreditation gives our customers further confidence that all the stringent requirements of Nadcap have been met and they are dealing with a qualified manufacturer,” added Valerie Hart, Technical Manager at Fine Tubes.


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