Going to work for the NHS

29 Apr 2020

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Precision engineering firm DA Design Automation has ramped up production of key equipment used by the NHS in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Specialist in machinery design and build, the company has begun to produce hundreds of headbands for face shields, a crucial piece of PPE for healthcare workers.

The firm has also more than doubled its production of aluminium components used in bedside hoists, which frees up NHS capacity by enabling patients to be treated at home.

DA Design Automation manufactures the chassis and mounting hooks for the portable hoist system that is used by hospitals and in care homes and care facilities. The Lancashire company has been the key supplier of the parts since 2018, but order volumes have doubled since the lockdown.

The home care kit can quickly and easily install in a patient's home. So as long as a patient doesn't have a medical need to be in hospital, they can receive care in the community, which releases much needed beds and nurses for coronavirus patients.

John Morris, director at DA Design Automation said: "We are delighted to be doing our part in the ongoing effort to keep the British public safe from coronavirus and to take care of those who have fallen ill. The NHS is a fantastic organisation and all at DA Design Automation are proud to be involved in assisting them to carry out their incredible work."

"Social distance has forced us all to adopt new working methods, yet there are upsides.  Taking advantage of conference calling and ‘Zoom' meetings has improved the company's turnaround of new parts - decisions just get made faster."

John said: "The coronavirus lockdown has reduced our volume of orders in some areas, but also brought about a closer working relationship with customers. We've won new contracts to supply additional key components. The trust that has built up will hopefully leave us in a stronger position when all returns to normal."

Design Automation (DA) was founded in 1998, then known as DA Industrial Design. The company has grown to become a UK-wide supplier of precision engineering expertise, serving all manufacturing sectors, encompassing sole traders through to multinational companies and sectors ranging from oil and gas, automotive and health to the fashion industry.