Height of precision

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Rochdale-based subcontractor Chelburn Precision has installed one of the tallest height gauges on the market to ensure precision on larger components.

Chelburn mostly serves the canning, rubber and plastic, paper converting, and mining industries and had problems reaching the full height of some components using its exiting height gauge. This meant it had to either turn jobs over to measure from a different plane, or make time and room on one of its precision machine tools to carry out checks. This not only required extra time, but also stopped the production of both the machine tools and their operators when quality inspectors requested and verified checks to ensure parts conformed to specification.

The new Trimos V7 height gauge, supplied by Bowers Group, is capable of tackling complex functions such as 2D, programming, and statistics, resulting in an unequalled ease of use and a substantial increase in productivity.

It features a pair of lateral insert holders that allow the use of very diverse probes up to 400 mm long with high repeatability.

Chelburn Precision also invested in the squareness electrical probe which enables the business to reach the full height of components, both for measuring positions and measuring squareness. The additional probe creates the efficiency of combining two instruments to make the measurement process quicker and easier, offering the team the ability to perform the precise measurements they needed.

Chelburn’s inspection department is manned full-time by two qualified inspectors who have access to a wide range of quality equipment. Thanks to the new height gauge the team know instantly if there is something that needs altering on the shop floor, allowing them to measure parts easily and quickly and get results before they reach the CMM.

Since having the Trimos V7 height gauge, Chelburn has found the height gauge extremely easy to use, with inspectors using it in preference to traditional methods of parts inspection, owing to the fact they can measure multiple sizes with the one device. Now using the Trimos V7 every day, the inspectors also use the height gauge on smaller manufactured parts, as they find it easier to use and more reliable than their previous unit.

Michael Horsfall, Production Director at Chelburn Precision said, “We have used Bowers Group before for a lot of different measuring devices we own, so we knew we were in good hands. They even loaned us a smaller unit for us to trial as they were confident that we would be impressed by the quality, accuracy and ease of use of the Trimos height gauge.”