Huge utility cost savings for Brandauer

30 Mar 2017

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

The boss of one of the UK’s leading presswork specialists is urging his fellow manufacturers to take a closer look at their utility costs after his firm saved £10,000 in just two months.

Rowan Crozier, CEO of Birmingham-based Brandauer, believes it is a hidden cost that can quite easily be eradicated if the right expertise is sought and if companies aren’t afraid to ask questions.

“We manufacture millions of components for the automotive, domestic goods, electronics, plumbing and renewable sectors every week so you can see how energy is a massive overhead for us. The fact costs are rising all the time can really impact on our ability to compete globally,” said Mr Crozier.

His firm tapped into the expertise of Control Energy Costs (CEC), a specialist in utility management, procurement and support services, which was quickly able to identify pricing issues, incorrect billing and opportunities for smarter energy management.

This led to over £10,000 of savings within a few months, with the option to save thousands more when the supply contracts are up for renewal.

Mr Crozier said that the additional money raised will be spent on the firm growing its motor lamination business and the launch of Elopin, a new technology that allows the solderless connection of terminal pins to a PCB.

The two firms were put in contact through their membership of Made in the Midlands.

CEC works with more than 450 manufacturers across the UK every year. Unlike energy brokers, the company earns its fees by taking a share of the savings based on the results it achieves.