Inside info on photo etching

15 Jul 2017

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Photo etching specialist Precision Micro has launched a new website that highlights the advantages of the technology over traditional sheet metal processes.

The company, which has pioneered photo etching over the past 50 years says that, while still considered a niche metal metalworking process, it is quickly becoming the “go-to” technology for intricate, often safety critical, precision metal components - produced to high accuracy from almost any metal.
It says that the process is sometimes not understood sufficiently by some as a viable manufacturing solution and that the new website will help to educate design engineers and manufacturers alike in order to make them aware of the advantages of photo etching as an alternative to more traditional sheet metal metalworking.
The website includes a step by step description of how the technology works, along with technical guidelines for use by design engineers and objective technical articles giving features and benefits, real-life applications and case studies. The site also includes articlesbenchmarking the technology against traditional metalworking such as stamping, laser cutting and water jet cutting.

Lee Weston, Marketing Manager at Precision Micro says, “We are proud to have collated such a definitive resource of information pertaining to photo etching and hope designers find this useful when looking to specify the most suitable metal machining technology for their requirements.”