Inspection services remove stress

02 Mar 2021

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Subcontract inspection services from the Carfulan Group aim to help companies cope with the production and capacity pressures created by the fall-out from Covid.

The Group says that, during these unprecedented times, where reduced internal capacity is adding to the pressure of fulfilling orders and satisfying customer demand, the complementary manufacturing technologies it offers could be a lifeline.

Experienced engineers at Group companies OGP UK and VICIVISION UK can write programmes, recommend best measurement practices and provide comprehensive data so that businesses can reassure their customers and stakeholders, taking the stress out of inspection.

OGP’s multi-sensor metrology solutions employ optimum-performance sensors and probes to complete the work of a traditional co-ordinate measuring machine, as well as a laser scanner and profile projector, with ultimate precision.

Detailed data about even the most demanding components and features is collected quickly and reliably by trained UKAS-accredited engineers, giving comprehensive feedback and reliably accurate results.

Utilising an impressive technology suite in a temperature-controlled environment, OGP UK can help with dimensional measurement, component measurement, non-destructive inspection, first article inspection and gauge R&R on parts up to 0.5m3.

OGP UK’s services include first and initial sample inspection, gauge repeatability and reproducibility measurement and the measurement of complex shapes. OGP’s multi-sensor measurement systems combine optics, laser and probe to measure complicated parts in a fraction of the time it takes other systems.

Whether it’s medical, aerospace, automotive or packaging, manufacturers of precision parts can benefit from shorter production cycles and improved quality control whatever their application.

VICIVISION’s world-leading optical, non-contact measuring systems cater specifically for turned, ground and cylindrical parts, guaranteeing improved manufacturing efficiency, reduced downtime and increased productivity through superior data analysis.

Using a combination of high-resolution video camera technology and light projection, its solutions deliver fast, detailed and consistent results, completing metrology tasks that were once reliant on the time-consuming and unreliable manual methods reserved for specialist labs.

Whether it’s diameters, angles, orthogonalities or thread pitches, coaxialities, cylindricities, axial runouts or dynamic parallelisms, even the most complex features can be inspected in seconds, down to the last detail, by a team of experienced engineers.

By more readily satisfying the modern standards required to reduce noise on production lines across the medical, automotive, aerospace and oil, gas and energy sectors, VICIVISION UK is offering metrology services that allow manufacturers to minimise part non-conformance and reliably deliver top-class products to gain a competitive advantage.