Irish aerospace industry keeps growing

14 Feb 2018

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Ireland’s aerospace and aviation industry is now worth over €4.1bn to the Irish economy and growing faster than ever says Enterprise Ireland.

To put Ireland’s success into context, Irish lessors manage €80 billion in assets worldwide and today there are more than 250 companies actively involved in the aerospace, aviation and space sectors, providing employment for approximately 42,000 full-time workers.

With over 50% of the industry’s global spend being managed by aircraft leasing companies headquartered in Ireland and home to 30 international leasing operations, Ireland is uniquely positioned to help drive the industry’s innovation forward.

Enterprise Ireland says that the evolution of the aviation and aerospace sector demonstrates the capacity of Irish companies, which have invested in employee skillset, research and development, sales and exports to increase their competitiveness in the sector as well as raising Ireland’s profile on a global scale, putting it firmly on the map.

Ireland has approximately 200 active Enterprise Ireland companies within the sector paving the way for other start-ups to consider Ireland as a location to conduct business.

Ireland already has an established supply chain with both prime and tier 1 companies in the UK, which include: Bombardier, Rockwell Collins, GKN and Patton Air.

Sean Long, Senior UK Market Adviser for Engineering, Electronics at Enterprise Ireland, said: “Boasting a competitive and agile aviation and aerospace sector there is tremendous scope for Ireland to build intelligent, innovative and ambitious partnerships with the UK and beyond. At Enterprise Ireland, we are working thoroughly to ensure we use our industry and regional expertise to help companies within the sector achieve their global ambition.

“Now worth over €4.1bn to the Irish economy, the aerospace and aviation industry is one to watch and at Enterprise Ireland, we are aiming to harness this value by supporting a growing Irish supply chain within the sector. For example, we have been working with Dublin Aerospace, one of the leading Irish providers of MRO services, to help it on its way in reaching a 70-million-euro turnover by 2020[5].”


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