Launchpad for innovation

06 Feb 2019

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Subcon is introducing a new initiative, the Launchpad, which aims to give entrepreneurs and startups a kick-start.

The Launchpad and associated Launchpad Awards at this year’s event will give them the opportunity to share their innovations with thousands of engineering and manufacturing professionals with the power to influence and guide them to future success.

Eight businesses will be given a free stand in the Launchpad area, as well as entered into the inaugural Subcon Launchpad Awards. To qualify, businesses must be under three years old with a product or service that relates to engineering and/or manufacturing.

Up to eight successful applicants will receive a free stand, expert advice and marketing support, valuable industry exposure, plus entry into the Awards. 

The Launchpad Awards will take place at Subcon when each exhibitor will be asked to present their innovation on stage to a panel of expert judges. The winner will receive a free stand on the main floor at Subcon 2020 worth £8,000 as well as PR and marketing support.