Light touch for UV equipment

14 Dec 2020

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Alanod, which specialises in coated metal surfaces, has launched an innovative reflector technology that will make UV equipment even more efficient and long-lasting.

Alanod’s MIRO® UV is said to be a unique material that has a spectral light reflectivity of 90% and an impressive operating life of at least 1,000 hours.

It is available in two versions, for use with either UV-C or UV-A/B. MIRO® UV is suitable for UV chambers, helping businesses in their battle against COVID-19 and the transmission of other viruses and bacteria, offering safe, chemical-free sterilisation and disinfection.

UV light is becoming increasingly popular as a way to disinfect shared and frequently touched devices in healthcare, industrial and retail applications. With the introduction of MIRO® UV, a high-performance reflector material is now available for those looking to improve the operation, longevity and efficiency of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilisation lamps and systems.

Increased reflection performance

Anodised aluminium reflects more than 80% of incident light at UV wavelength. Thanks to a precisely controlled silicon oxide layer, MIRO® UV’s spectral light reflectivity is considerably greater. This layer is around 100nm thick and is deposited onto the surface of the metal using an ‘plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition’ (PECVD) method developed by Alanod.

Due to the precision of the process, the performance of the material can be fine-tuned to suit specific UV wavelengths. MIRO® UV A/B offers UV reflectivity of more than 90 percent at wavelengths of 300 to 350nm, while MIRO® UV C is designed to deliver a peak of well over 90 percent at the 250nm wavelength (used most commonly in UVC applications such as disinfection and sterilisation equipment).

Double the lifespan

MIRO® UV also has greatly enhanced durability. This is due to its low porosity that creates an effective barrier against oxygen ions. In tests, the surface demonstrated only a 1% degradation in performance throughout its 1,000-hour operating life, showing that the MIRO® UV material range has a lifetime at least double that of conventional aluminium reflectors.

Stuart Tranter, General Manager, Alanod UK comments: “UV disinfection technologies are playing a key role in the response to the coronavirus pandemic, as healthcare providers, institutions and individuals seek safe, effective ways to reduce the risk of virus transmission.  With MIRO® UV it is now possible to deliver UV equipment that is even more effective, reliable and long-lasting.”

Samples of MIRO® UV are available on request to Alanod. With over 40 years of experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of specialised metal materials, Alanod offers unrivalled application advice and expertise to healthcare providers, institutions and beyond.