Making connections on the go

08 Jul 2017

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Growing your business network takes time and effort, especially in unfamiliar new markets, but a new smartphone app could make it easy.

GeoBiz can help users connect with like-minded business contacts ‘on the go’, anywhere in the world, to line up business meetings in new markets. With a simple, easy-to-use app interface, GeoBiz enables users to source business suppliers, connections and skills from new locations.

“See your business network really take off – source new suppliers, build new contacts and do business ‘like a local’,” explained Arfan Qureshi, Founder/CEO of the GeoBiz App. “GeoBiz opens up a world of business connections. It’s a smart and simple way to get yourself known in unknown markets at the touch of a button. Just think of GeoBiz as your portal to a world of hot new leads and introductions.”

GeoBiz uses a specially developed BizSyncTM algorithm which matches people based on their skills sets and location, putting the nearest person as their first match and the furthest as the last match. Users can search by keyword, such as skill, job title, industry sector or product.

“What makes GeoBiz different is that it can match people on location – users can land in any country, fire up the app and then find the service that they need, which includes chatting to new and existing contacts. No need to waste precious time, while they are travelling, on finding the right business contacts and setting up meetings ‘on the go’. GeoBiz takes care of this for them, simply and quickly. Users can also see how far away matches are via our BizRadarTM technology,” added Arfan Qureshi.

Joining is easy with a LinkedIn login – the app is available to download free for the next few months, so try it now on www.geobizapp.com You can also view the GeoBiz video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbx6aQBJnIg&t=1s or email info@geobizapp.com

If you want more information please email Arfan Qureshi on media@geobizapp.com. To arrange a briefing call +44 (0)7882 339 445 or email Arfan@geobizapp.com. You can also download the app on www.geobizapp.com