Milling and turning capacity

20 Nov 2019

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Scott Bennett Engineering has boosted its milled and turned parts capacity with a second Nakamura turning centre.

The Nakamura AS200LMYS from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) caps a £350,000 investment at the company and will help it cope with a 16% increase in demand.

The single turret, 15 station live tool and twin spindle machine will reduce cycle times by up to 25%, as well as removing secondary operations on more than 40 different product lines.

Scott Bennett Engineering, supplies milled and turned parts to the automotive, agricultural, lighting and industrial sectors. The new machine gives the company extra capacity with its milling work, capacity that will soon be used with a number of projects - including aftermarket motorcycle absorbers for an export customer - growing in volume.

“The Nakamura is a high quality machine and delivers the precision performance, speed and flexibility that we need,” explained Rob Bennett, who took over the business from his father in 2010.

“We already have an AS200 on the shop floor and know, first-hand, what it can give you. This second machine will give us extra milling capacity and we have made sure that we have configured it exactly the same and chosen the same workholding and software.”

He continued: “By doing this, we have removed the need for any extra training, whilst also speeding up the install process. ETG is a long-standing supplier and the service we received was second to none - as always.”

Jon Mannion, Regional Sales Manager at Engineering Technology Group, added: “Nakamura is a very popular choice for sub-contact machinists and it’s not difficult to see why.

“The ability to mill and turn on the same machine, with live tooling delivering a 6k rpm spindle, is a real gamechanger for firms who want speed and the ability to manufacture complex components.



Photo (l-r) Rob Bennett (Scot Bennett Engineering) and Jon Mannion (ETG)