Offshore fabrication on a roll

01 Oct 2019

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

The Hamilton branch of metal bending specialist Barnshaws has delivered 11 rolled steel cylinders for two deaerator vessels destined for the Johan Sverdrup oilfield in the North Sea.

The customer - a leading supplier of vessels, tanks and piping to the offshore industry - has worked closely with Barnshaws in the past. When it came to deliver the 11 rolled cylinders for the deaeration vessels within a constrained timeframe, the supplier contacted Barnshaws.

Work was required to be carried out within 3 weeks, meeting transport arrangements and ensuring the deaeration vessels could be installed on the offshore platform as quickly as possible. Barnshaws rolled 35 tonnes of steel plate at 16mm thickness to a diameter of 3.8 metres, producing the 11 finished cylinders.

Offshore platforms are hazardous working environments where safety and space efficiency are of the utmost importance, so the rolled cylinders had to adhere to stringent quality requirements.

John Chalmers, Company Manager at Barnshaws' Hamilton Branch, said: "We were able to complete this work within the allotted timeframe, while meeting the high quality standards of the offshore oil and gas sector. Our innate capability in precision curving metal fabrications means we can deliver bespoke fabrications of almost any size quickly, while our Scottish location puts us in an advantageous position for marine and offshore customers in the region."


Image courtesty of Equinor