One-hit Mazaks for Tridan

06 Dec 2017

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Tridan Engineering is taking delivery of two new one-hit Mazak machines that will dramatically increase its workload capacity.

A Mazak Quick Turn 200MSY is due to be delivered in December 2017, and Yamazaki Mazak Variaxis i500 SmoothX, with a six pallet Palletech system will follow in April 2018.

The Quick Turn 200MSY will give over 90 hours of extra capacity a week. It offers improvement in efficiency using a second spindle to produce components in ‘one-hit’ along with full Y-axis capability performing complete milling cycles. This will reduce cycle times and, with manual intervention between operations no longer required, will minimise non-conforming parts.

The Variaxis i500 SmoothX, with a six pallet Palletech system, offers 5-axis capability for contouring of complex parts and ‘one-hit’ machining of more conventional parts.

Components that might previously have required three to six operations on 3- and 4-axis machines will be finished in one setup.

Managing Director Paul Hawkins said: “Here at Tridan Engineering we are continually looking to improve our services for the benefits of our customers. These two new purchases offer us more opportunities for ‘lights out’ machining and will help us increase our workload without compromising on quality.

“The 200MSY is a great addition to our shop floor and the additional i500 Variaxis will be linked to a six-pallet automated system, the Palletech, which will allow multiple parts to be machined without loading. This configuration is a huge benefit and will see an extra 20 hours a day capacity.”


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