Optimas partners on TVR Griffith

13 Sep 2017

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Optimas Solutions will be supplying direct line feed components to TVR for the new 200mph+ supercar that it is producing with car design legend Gordon Murray.

Its partnership with TVR will include Direct Line Feed of traditional fasteners, c-class components and additional commodities to the point of use, as well as engineering integration and delivery of an efficient Bill of Materials.

The new TVR production facility in South Wales has been designed around Gordon Murray’s iStream® manufacturing process, which combines lightweight technology, low-carbon propulsion, excellent safety and unprecedented manufacturing flexibility. Optimas was awarded the contract based on its reputation for service and a proven ability to manage stock effectively and deliver innovative, cost saving solutions.

David Humphreys, Purchase Manager for TVR, comments: “As we prepare for production of the new vehicle we wanted to form a partnership that we could trust. I know that Optimas will help us develop a cost-effective Bill of Materials with high quality components and keep our production lines continuously stocked.”

Peter Illingworth, speaking on behalf of Optimas, adds: “The design for the launch vehicle is well underway, but we still have the opportunity to help the engineers at TVR to make the car as efficient and cost effective as possible. Our first job will be to convert the legacy fasteners to our own stock profile and then source all remaining new parts. Once the Bill of Material is complete, TVR will have the advantage of ordering through a single supplier – offering valuable economies of scale.”

The unveiling took place at this year’s Goodwood Revival, an event that is as much a part of Britain’s motorsport heritage as TVR itself. It was the first time a new vehicle has been launched at the event and was the centrepiece in a display of classic TVR’s which helped to celebrate the brand’s 70th anniversary.


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