Plant plastic for green tattoos

05 Feb 2019

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Great Central Plastics has launched a plant-based plastic alternative that is being used to supply sustainable vegan tattoo inks.

The material is being used by Green House Tattoo Supplies - the world’s first company to offer a plant-based range of tattoo supplies, and the new material is an alternative to the fossil-fuel based plastics currently used.

Northamptonshire based Great Central Plastics, along with Green House Tattoo Supplies, developed the tattoo industries’ first plastic alternative and vegan friendly product following extensive market research that showed a growing demand in the plastic moulding market for a more eco-conscious product.

Following intensive prototyping and pilot testing – which has taken the business several months to complete - Great Central Plastics has successfully launched the product into the marketplace in the form of a plant based plastic ink cap.

Green House Tattoo Supplies was founded at the start of 2018, by two London based tattoo artists; Lucy Frost and Adam Willett. Lucy and Adam also founded Dark House Tattoo Co-operative in 2018 - one of the world’s first fully eco-conscious tattoo studios, offering totally plastic free tattooing. Dark House Tattoo Co-Operative is based in Poplar, East London and will be opening later this year.

Speaking about the studio and its use of the plant-based, plastic alternative ink pots, Lucy Frost co-owner and co-founder said: “The tattoo industry – over recent years – has been heavily reliant on fossil fuel-based plastics. Our aim was to combat this problem in pursuit of an eco-conscious studio and plastic free tattooing.  We ‘re very proud of the fact that all our products are totally sustainable, biodegradable and compostable making them the first range of plastic alternative tattoo products in the world.

“We’re delighted to have found a manufacturer in Great Central Plastics who was equally as committed to developing the plastic alternative as much as we were and who has delivered against our exacting needs and ethics whilst also meeting those of our clients.”

The development and manufacture of the plant based plastic material is only the start of Great Central Plastic’s move into more ethical and biodegradable products with – only last month – the company announcing it was developing and testing a range of products and designs specifically for this growing sector.

Speaking about this, MD and founder of Great Central Plastics, Tony Phillips said: “As a business we are firmly committed to meeting the evolving needs of our clients and marketplace and our progression into more ethical, environmentally raw materials and product development is, for us, a natural one.

“Across 2019 we plan to continue our investment in enhancing and developing this product range to make sure we continually cater for the needs of the eco-friendly, ethical community and that – as a business – we deliver the environmental outcomes that are very important to us.”

Earlier this month, Great Central Plastics announced it had experienced one of its most successful trading years to date with strong sales, an order book which has seen it work with some of the world’s largest brands and a continued investment in environmentally friendly manufacturing and site technologies.

Great Central Plastics is based in Daventry and has been trading in the automotive, food, drink, entertainment and industrial sectors since its formation in 1998.

The company provides a full turnkey service, from concept through to manufacturing using state of the art CAD/CAM technology as well as top of the range plastic injection moulding equipment.