Plate benders expand cutting

11 Sep 2019

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Barnshaws Plate Bending has expanded its laser cutting capacity with the installation of a new Bystronic BySprint Fiber machine that can process ferrous and non-ferrous metals in sheets of up to 12 x 2 m.

The BySprint Fiber laser cutting unit specified by Barnshaws operates at up to 6 kW of laser power, which enables the machine to cut stainless steel up to 30 mm thick, mild steel up to 25mm and aluminium up to 25mm. Operated via touchscreen, the fiber laser can produce twice as much power from the same amount of current compared to a CO2 laser, making it highly efficient.

Ian Clark, Commercial Director at Barnshaws, was keen to discuss the new machine: "At Barnshaws, our machine capacity is what sets us apart from the competition. The new BySprint Fiber provides us with a winning combination of high precision and large capacity. Our press braking capacity is one of the largest in the world - so adding a flexible, high-speed laser cutting machine to our shop floor greatly enhances our services. We're a leading provider to the construction, marine, architectural and transport sectors – so our processing speed and product quality is very important."

Fiber laser cutting is inherently efficient, ensuring that our manufactured products can now be delivered on reduced lead times. The increased laser cutting capacity and reduced power usage also translates to increased cost-effectiveness, the benefits of which can be passed on as increased value to customers, especially on larger orders.