Replacing machined forgings


First Time exhibitor, MJ Sections Ltd ( Stand D61) is launching new technology to replace expensive machined forgings with multi-joined rolled formed rings produced from sheet metal material.

MJ Sections Ltd was founded 40 years ago and one of its core products, sheet metal rolled formed rings, has continuously evolved in terms of the added complexity of the profile shapes.

Using these complex shapes it is now ready to introduce its ‘game changer’. Traditionally, a sheet metal ring has been limited to a relatively simple shape and produced using only one sheet metal thickness.

In cases where OEM’s designs require extra features and added complexity, they have previously had to produce more complex shapes from sourcing forged ring material, which is then machined all over to achieve the desired features. This involves long lead times, expensive raw material input, many hours of machining time, excessive scrap, adding unnecessary cost to the parts and creating environmental concerns.

MJ Sections say that OEM designers now have the opportunity to work with it to consider all the engineered features individually and produce an equivalent design made up multiple rolled formed rings using sheet metal material, which are then joined together into one complex assembly, which can include machined tolerances and sealing features such as honeycomb rings.

MJ Sections Ltd will offer its expertise to ensure that the resulting designs are process capable, in terms of consistently achieving manufacturing tolerances, shorter lead times and considerably reduced cost of both the delivered part and, with almost zero material scrap, environmental costs will also be considerably improved.