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20 Nov 2018

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

Get a free can of Harlube Brand ‘X’ Cutting and Drilling Lubricant

Brand “X” the lubricant in a 400ml aerosol can has a track record stretching back over 25 years.

It has a unique formulation that provides superior performance across a wide range of metal working applications and has successfully dealt with some of the toughest alloys used in many of the metal working industries.

*Manufacturing machine shops

*Tool rooms

*On-site work And Maintenance and Servicing Depts.

Are all finding that Brand X is a great product that dramatically reduces tool breakages and downtime, increase in working speed and Improved productivity and resulting in an improved surface finish and substantially reduced costs.

Whatever your required applications, the handy 400ml Aerosol Can of Brand “X” brings you the performance you want, at a price which is extremely competitive.

Brand ”X” is at least 50% cheaper than most of the other aerosol applied lubricants in the market place

Can you afford not to take up our offer of a Free 400mlAerosol can of Harlube Brand ”X”?

Email:- sales@harlube.co.uk  requesting your free Sample