Spring in the air

26 Oct 2019

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

In order to provide the best possible trampoline experience, tension springs with ultimate properties are required. North Trampoline has, assisted by Lesjöfors, developed a premium product with the  firmness and a long lifespan that professional jumpers require.

In North Trampoline’s development process of the Performer Revolution for jumpers with higher demands on performance, quality and safety, the existing spring solution needed to be refined and improved so it turned to Lesjöfors.

Based on calculations of the previous springs, the project team found that the new springs needed a much longer stretching capability than before to achieve a softer jumping experience. There were also requirements of adjustable spring stiffness. Another vital component was the unique end design of the springs required in order to optimize the trampoline zone without sacrificing the high safety requirements.

“We rapidly produced a handful of prototypes with desirable properties. Then North Trampoline let some of Sweden's most qualified jumpers try the characteristics of each spring type and based on their reviews, the trampoline company decided which spring type they wanted to proceed with”, says Henrik Berner, Technical Sales at Lesjöfors Industrifjädrar in Herrljunga, Sweden.

The Performer Revolution has been very well received by the market and is now available in several European countries with further expansion planned. North Trampoline expects a top selling product in the premium segment. Thomas Hagel, R&D Manager at North Trampoline is very content with the smooth spring development process together with Lesjöfors:

“We are very pleased to collaborate with a Swedish supplier with extensive knowledge, efficient production and a very accommodating technical development support.”