UK aerospace contract for Australian gear maker

10 Oct 2017

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

An Australian company, Ronson Gears, has won a contract, subject to sample approval, to to supply bevel gears to an aerospace company in the United Kingdom.

The contract followed 12 months of discussions and is for a three-year term which commenced in June. Samples for approval are currently in production.

A spokesman for Ronson Gears said: “This is a significant development and is the culmination of years of work, going back to the engagement of our agent in the USA some 6 years ago. During this time our team, here in Melbourne, have been working extremely hard towards upgrading our Quality Management Systems and investing in high-end machine tools to ensure we can meet our customer’s requirements.

“Our agents in the UK – Newland-Hardwick –  have been doing an outstanding job in managing our relationship between ourselves and our new customers. They have also been key in helping Ronson acclimatise to local needs and expectations.”

The new customer supplies into all the major aircraft manufacturers and has a global profile.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Ronson Gears started in 1954.  Today it supplies precision gears globally to sectors including aerospace & defence, mining, transport and industrial products. 

Newland-Hardwick Ltd, based in Bristol, provides sales and marketing consultancy services to a number of aerospace companies who in Australia, UK and the Netherlands. 



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