UV laser is up to the mark

12 Nov 2018

Engineering capacity news posted by Andy Sandford

A successful first year of trading has spurred ES Precision to invest in new ultraviolet (UV) laser technology.

ES now has eight laser systems using Vanadate, Nd:YAG, fibre and CO2 sources as well as the new frequency-tripled Vanadate UV source from Coherent-Rofin UK.

The company aims to be at the forefront of laser marking and fine drilling/cutting and says that no other subcontract marking specialist offers such a broad range of laser technologies.

The UV laser in particular opens up opportunities that conventional lasers miss as the shorter wavelength is absorbed extremely well by plastics, organics and many ceramics.

Pure surface absorption on many plastics usually produces a superior mark to the partial transmission of IR wavelengths from other lasers.

Further, the shorter wavelength of the frequency-tripled laser allows it to be focused down to a smaller spot size than most other technologies, resulting in finer detail or better resolution; especially valuable for ID Matrix marking.

ES Precision is happy to mark sample parts to find the best solution for any company that needs permanent product identification, decoration or functional marking/engraving/surface modification.