X-ray view of PCB quality


PCB design, manufacture and assembly specialist Garner Osborn has invested in new X-ray inspection equipment to ensure its offers customers the highest possible quality.

As today’s board complexity increases with more components and joints, higher density, and shrinking package technologies, X-ray inspection is integral to identify manufacturing errors. To meet these demands the company has installed the latest Sciencope X-Spection 6000 system from Altus.

X-Spection 6000 is Scienscope’s most technologically advanced X-Ray Inspection system. It includes advanced software tools for a wide variety of applications.

Steve Honeybun, Director at Garner Osborne explains: “Our team are always striving to offer customers the very best production capabilities on the market and part of that is delivering the highest quality products we can. With this investment we take another step in enhancing our offering to our customers with a great piece of equipment that adds quantifiable analysis to our X-ray process.”

Thanks to its impressive features and flexibility Scienscope X-Spection 6000 has been a popular addition to Altus’ equipment portfolio.

The X-SPECTION 6000 can work for many applications including multilayer PCBs, BGA-micro BGA flip chip inspection, semiconductors and encapsulated components. Using highly-advanced software, the system has BGA void detection and automatic calculations with easy macro reading for intuitive step and repeat programming. It has been designed to provide all the tools needed to complete inspection successfully and increase product quality.