Extended range of Stainless Steel enclosure hinges from FDB Panel Fittings

FDB Panel Fittings are delighted that over many years they have accumulated a wide range of ex-stock stainless steel hinges to accommodate the many types of enclosure or cabinet that may be demanded of specialist builders for industrial purposes – in offices or on a workshop or warehouse floor. These range from weld on bullet hinges and simple lift off removable pin types to sophisticated parallelogram and friction torque designs. Once highly expensive to specify (even made to order) stainless steel hinges are now much more commonly used for their robust reliability and corrosion resistance, and are available ex-stock for urgent delivery.

In particular FDB have a stylish new DIRAK stainless steel hinge which offers increased protection against unauthorised access due to its specific design and construction. This especially robust 180° hinge, with interlocking leaves, features welded-in-place, non-removable hinge pins and welded mounting studs which are not accessible from the outside of the cabinet – so providing greater security when used in outdoor/public areas, e.g. for communications or public services.

The increasing popular FDB Online store has AISI 303, 304 & 316 components, allowing customers to make up full panel sets for harsh environments from hygiene rooms with frequent wash down to offshore or shoreline situations.

Stainless steel components of course suggest the most rugged use – and coupled with advanced design they ensure a choice of sealing protection to IP65, IP67 or IP69.

Also from the FDB Online store are the PINET 90° opening stainless steel and steel hinges for concealed installation – with two options available, the 3520 with pins and links in 430 stainless and the 3625 in 316L stainless. The parallel link design offers tough corrosion-resistant functionality for nested or surface-mount doors – LH or RH in horizontal or vertical installation. These compact hinges are suitable for steel or wood/composite doors and enable easy opening in industrial or office/domestic cupboards, cabinets and enclosures.

Further information on stainless steel hinges available from FDB Panel Fittings can be found at https://www.fdbonline.co.uk/collections/hinges/stainless-steel. Information on FDB products and services may be found at: www.fdb.co.uk. Find the latest information and news on the FDB blog – www.fdbnews.co.uk.