FDB Electrical Earth Monitoring and RCD protection in accordance with MOD specs

The FDB Electrical range of FDB27/M and FDB27 (MOD Spec) are designed to deal with the problems of providing power safely in out of the way places. These rugged protection units have until now generally only been available for military application but with the growth of private and commercial aerospace and the need for safe industrial power in all situations, these units are available online at www.fdbonline.co.uk for much wider categories of projects.

For standard electrical protection in accordance with MOD specifications the FDB27/M is particularly suited to use on Army communications vehicles. It comprises a range of special purpose RCD units for protection of supplies, with in-line filters, and manufactured in accordance with MOD specs – there are six standard variants according to voltage/current rating.

Where a higher level of both electrical earth monitoring and RCD protection are required in accordance with MOD specifications then the sister FDB27 (MOD Spec) is ideally suited to use with ground support equipment – there are more than 100 variants of this earth leakage/earth monitoring device typically used for the safe provision of power to personnel and plant in RAF/RNAS/NATO hangers and similar locations.

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