IT & Communication Trends for 2021

With the easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK, many businesses are starting to look at a more long-term technology strategy.

For many businesses, what started as a home working solution will become a work from anywhere solution, as employers continue with a more flexible approach to working.

Many businesses implemented changes in March 2020 that were initially seen as a stop gap solution. 18 months on, these solutions must be reviewed to ensure they fit the long-term strategy of the business.

The main issues related to working from home and working from anywhere have not changed:

  • Many businesses still struggle with poor connectivity
  • Many businesses are still operating an outdated on-premise system, which will imminently become redundant
  • Cyber security is still at the top of the agenda

In the Engineering Industry, many functions simply cannot be carried out remotely, creating several unique challenges:

  • Industry 4.0, IOT and big data services all require secure dedicated bandwidth, which is not always available in more remote business parks through the large carriers such as BT
  • Opening new sites, or relocating can be difficult if current IT infrastructure is on premise

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