K Cut Ltd. Waterjet Cutting specialists based in Lancashire

16 May 2016

News posted by John Fothergill

K Cut ltd have been specialist members since 2012.  In spite of their niche service, they won a steady stream of initial orders at a value of over £10,000 and as a result, have gone on to secure larger, additional work directly.

One of their favourite features of Qimtek is the ability to pick and choose the work they tender for – a perk that is only achievable via the membership service. They have been able to expand the business by finding new customers and establishing long term working relationships.

Director of K cut Ltd, John Fothergill has given some advice for members looking to join; “This is not an instant fix for companies short on work. It takes hard work and dedication. Quotes need to be realistic.” – They have used the membership extremely efficiently, if unsuccessful when quoting, they have gone on to use the company details provided, to promote K cuts services at a later date.



John Fothergill – May 2016