Laser System Builder Takes Advantage Of Trumpf Technology

Cyan Tec Systems, a designer and manufacturer of bespoke automation systems, relies on TRUMPF solid-state fibre and disk laser technology to help maximise the quality and reliability of its machines. The company currently has 14 TRUMPF lasers at various stages of machine integration across its shop floor in Leicester: eight for laser cutting applications, five for laser welding and one for laser marking.

The delivery of turnkey projects at Cyan Tec extends from conceptual ideas - through mechanical/electrical machine design, manufacture of component parts, purchase of commercial items and assembly - to customer sign-off, installation and commissioning.

Among several specialisms at the multi-million turnover business is automated laser systems, all of which are bespoke and, to some degree, modular. Cyan Tec supplies these machines to sectors that include automotive (including EV battery manufacture), nuclear decommissioning, medical and aerospace. Typical solutions provided by Cyan Tec centre on the integration of laser equipment into a cell incorporating the required component tooling and manipulators, full guarding to comply with current legislation (active or passive), chiller units and extraction where necessary.

“We have a proven track record in providing high-tech solutions for a variety of applications, such as laser cutting, welding, cladding and ablation/cleaning,” explains Sales Manager Richard Copson. “We supply to both industry and the research sectors, working with major laser source and laser head/optics manufacturers to offer a complete solution.”

Prominent among this number is TRUMPF, with which Cyan Tec has had a successful business relationship since 2009. The partnership has grown in recent years following TRUMPF’s acquisition and subsequent rebranding of SPI Lasers.


“We use TRUMPF because their lasers suit our very diverse mix of projects,” states Richard. “TRUMPF’s wide spectrum of lasers means they can nearly always offer a solution, which is a big advantage for us. We also tap into their support. We don’t have any on-site demonstration facilities for lasers, so we rely on TRUMPF for component trials. It helps to prove the process and provides customer confidence. In addition, we occasionally use TRUMPF expertise to fine-tune the process parameters on our machines as we near completion.”

At present, the company is building 14 systems featuring TRUMPF lasers, 12 of which are TruFiber P compact models. TruFiber P compact series lasers are available in a convenient 19-inch format with laser power of up to 2 kW.

“We buy a lot of these lasers because they have a small dimensional envelope,” says Richard. “We take them as rack-mounted OEM modules, which gives us the flexibility to add whatever optical set-up we require on the end. The TruFiber P compact has a competitive price, is practically maintenance-free and offers an integrated safety concept. It’s a product we’ve been using successfully for quite some time.”

With a fibre laser such as the easy-to-integrate TruFiber P compact there is no need for alignment, adjustment or subsequent cleaning of optical surfaces once it has been built, which means there is little or no maintenance requirement. The laser also features a patented back-reflection protection system, not only protecting the laser from the damaging effects of back-reflected light, but making it possible to process highly reflective materials such as copper.

Another TRUMPF laser currently on site at Cyan Tec is a 4 kW TruDisk, which will bring great benefit to a welding system with its brilliant beam quality (up to 2 mm·mrad) and 100% consistent power output. Last but not least is a TruMark Station 3000, which combines simplicity and convenient operation with flexibility: customers can combine it with all marking lasers in the TruMark 1000, 3000, 5000 and 6000 series.

“Reliability is key in all cases, because if the laser fails our badge is on the machine so it could damage our reputation,” concludes Richard Copson. “However, I’m happy to report that the reliability and quality of TRUMPF lasers is very good. This is important because we want to build machines that perform day-in, day out and provide longevity. Of course, we need to offer a competitive price, but we will not cut corners and use inferior products. The ambition is to help customers achieve value-added product enhancement, process improvement and cost savings by designing and building robust, production-capable solutions. We also want to develop long-term relationships with our customers and maintain a good reputation in the market, as this leads to recommendations.”