MAZAK Laser added to JSR cutting facilities

29 Nov 2019

News posted by Alan Sweeney

JSR Engineers are pleased to announce the latest investment to our Laser Cutting Facilities, the Mazak OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 Fiber

The new fiber laser eliminates mirrors and other components of the beam delivery path by using fiber optics to significantly reduce the cost of maintenance allowing both JSR and our customers to benefit from production costs and efficiency

Equipped with sensors that monitor and adjust the laser focus and calibration for additional accuracy. The Nexus 3015 FIBER includes additional intelligent cutting functions that optimise cutting conditions to provide quality surface finishes during high-speed cutting meaning that there is no further requirement for secondary finishing.

Versatile Sheet Metal Cutting

The Mazak Optiplex Nexus 3015 fiber laser cutter is ideal for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, thin gauge steel and steel plate with a high quality finished edge.

Mild Steel – 0.9mm – 25mm
Stainless Steel – 0.9mm – 30mm
Aluminium 0.9mm – 30mm
Brass – 0.9mm – 15mm
Copper 0.9mm – 12mm